Nov 12, 2018 · Suspect broken low / reverse ban - OR - failed band apply circuit.. Recommend having experienced mechanic (or mechanic that is familiar with this simple test) check for presence of ‘manual low’ during test drive - it is pretty much a bulletproof test. Reverse is not electronically controlled - mechanical failure is imminent.
How to Fix 5R55S Transmission Problems - 5R55N Hard Shifting Engagement Hello Everyone, The fix is confirmed and the ... In this video, i show a common problem for the 5R55N Trans to have no 4th and 5th gears, the fix is shown as well.
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6) No reverse: If the transmission has no reverse you most likely have a bad SSA solenoid. 7) Delay going into reverse of a forward gear: Has the valve body been removed recently for any reason? If so, there is a possibility you did not align it correctly with the alignment pins.